New from CanPrev, ElectroMag is a magnesium supplement & effervescent drink mix that delivers a shocking 150mg of pure elemental magnesium from magnesium bis-glycinate.
Available in electric lime flavour.

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Magnesium. Used by every cell.

From protein synthesis to cellular metabolism to muscle activity to bone building to nerve function, every cell in your body uses magnesium. It powers 350 different enzymatic reactions in your body






Jenna Mangan"I love this product because it makes sense for the active individual. It tastes delicious and offers nutrients that are needed to keep hydrated and keep muscles healthy while training. It can also be used for individuals suffering from anxiety, restlessness caused by stress or muscle cramps."

Jenna Mangan,
Yoga Instructor & Nutritionist

Right form delivering highest absorption for greatest results.

ElectroMag delivers a powerful 150mg of pure elemental magnesium from magnesium bis-glycinate, a superior form that is easy to absorb and digest.

Most absorbable form

  • Your body uses both the glycine and the magnesium in magnesium bis-glycinate. That means it's more useful and doesn't need to be broken down to be absorbed.

Fizzy in your glass, not in your stomach

  • Magnesium bis-glycinate doesn't react to stomach acid like citrates, oxides and carbonates. Rest easy - you can keep the gas in your glass, not in your digestion.

Effervescents are faster acting.

  • Effervescent liquids are absorbed faster. We also think it's tasty and convenient!

Josie Ganos"I have tried many different brands of magnesium, but CanPrev is by far the most gentle on my stomach. The quality ingredients allow for optimal absorption. I love taking this product before bed after a long day in the mountains. It not only relaxes my muscles, it also works as a natural sleep aid, too! "

Josie Ganos,
Ice Climber and Entrepreneur

Enjoy what's in it and what's not.

Quench your thirst with magnesium with added vitamin C and electrolytes, with no added sugar or artificial colours and sweeteners.

Ajani Charles"The difference between the brand of magnesium I used to take and CanPrev’s ElectroMag is huge. The other magnesium made me feel groggy, but ElectroMag doesn’t. Also, it usually takes me a long time to wind down at night, but ElectroMag helps me to relax and fall asleep easier, so the next day I wake up feeling like I’ve had the best night’s sleep ever."

Ajani Charles, CEO,
Photographer & Videographer

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